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Bringing together the San Mateo County Coastside in support of our LGBTQ community

How we’re helping

CoastPride offers a safe space online and at community events to gather the diversity of our voices, raise awareness of LGBTQ issues, and address the needs of our LGBTQ youth, families, and adults. We work with existing local civic, governmental, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to enhance services so that they are inclusive of all who play, work, and live on the coastside.

We invite you to join us—LGBTQ individuals and allies working together to make the coastside welcoming and supportive to all, because together we are stronger.

See what’s happening this pride month

Support groups

CoastPride offers support groups for middle-schoolers, high schoolers, families and caregivers, and LGBTQ+ folks over 50.

Visit our support groups page for more information.

Stanford Medicine

Our Voice: Citizen Science for Health Equity

The goal of the Our Voice project is to support students in voicing their experiences and acting as agents of change to make their school environments more inclusive and welcoming.

CoastPride partnered with the Our Voice team to engage students from three public high schools in San Mateo county. The youth scientists represented a diverse group of students at each school across gender, sexuality, race and disability.

The CoastPride Our Voice project provided a pathway for LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth to become involved in the civic and educational institutions that affect their lives. The goal was to empower students as youth scientists to take charge of change in their own community and school environment to create more inclusive and affirming spaces for all identities.

Read the CoastPride project reports page for more information.

dancers from ensemble folclórico colibri flouncing their multi-colored circle skirts

Pride 2023

After a months-long community effort, the June 2023 Pride celebrations in Pescadero, Half Moon Bay and Pacifica were an amazing success. Click on the links above to watch highlights from the parades, interviews with participants, and more.

Why we do this

“Yesterday one of our Pre-Kindergarten students was playing dress-up and suddenly became really sad. He asked me “I want to be a princess, but I’m a boy and can I be a princess?” I told him absolutely and then grabbed an iPad and showed him John Lester’s video [The Beautiful Princess of Never Come True]. He was smiling ear-to-ear. Last night, I got a note from his parents asking for the name of the video so they could play it again for him at home. He loved the ending “I like that anyone who wants to be a princess can be one and they get to dance on the beach!”

It really made my day and I thank you all for having that video as part of your CoastPride event so I knew about it and could share it!

Leslie Richardson, Preschool Teacher

CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County solely dedicated to helping those affected by intimate partner abuse. From counseling, to emergency housing, to legal assistance, our services are designed to provide safety, support, and healing.

24-hour hotline | 800.300.1080

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos celebrating Coastside LGBTQ+ events.

“OMG. LOOK at what you have created! This just brought tears to my eyes. From zero to this in no time. WOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is outstanding to have this resource and haven in our community. Love and hugs to you for making this happen.”
Julie Shenkman
Owner, Sam’s Chowder House

Queer Joy

A collaboration between CoastPride and Speakers’ Space, June 2023

Queer Joy is all I want.

It is accepting who you are
and having the confidence and pride
to express what you’ve found about yourself.

Queer Joy is
getting top surgery
and smiling every time you think about it :)

Queer Joy is
dissolving preconceived notions
of what we were taught.

It is taking off the chain mail
after a particularly fatal battle.

Queer Joy is
discovering what
you're capable of achieving.

Queer Joy is not
putting on clothes
for someone else's circus.

Queer joy is your grandpa,
who doesn’t speak much English,
asking for what pronouns
he should use
when talking to your

Queer joy is
lightning in a bottle
straight to the heart.

Queer Joy is
the feeling of freedom
when you imagine a future
with your partner—and with yourself.

Queer joy is
what our beloved ancestors
and transcestors
would want us to feel.

Queer Joy is
holy and ancient
as the bend in the river.

Queer Joy is
contagious, captivating, complete.
It is the moral conviction
to keep searching what's inside you—
because you're staying right there
and right here.

Queer joy is
life lived
in pursuit of purpose.

It is hope
for all of humanity.

Queer Joy is long overdue!

It is a simple wish.

We’re counting on love—
and you.

CoastPride swag

CoastPride has lots of ways for you to show your true colors. Items are a gift of appreciation with the suggested donation:

Sweatshirts or zip-up hoodies—$60
T-shirt or baseball tee—$25
Pacifica Pride T-shirt—$25

You’ll need to pick it up at the Center. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get yours!

Photos of items coming soon.