Bringing together the San Mateo County Coastside in support of our LGBTQ community

How we’re helping

CoastPride offers a safe space online and at community events to gather the diversity of our voices, raise awareness of LGBTQ issues, and address the needs of our LGBTQ youth, families, and adults. We work with existing local civic, governmental, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to enhance services so that they are inclusive of all who play, work, and live on the coastside.

We invite you to join us—LGBTQ individuals and allies working together to make the coastside welcoming and supportive to all, because together we are stronger.

Support groups

Our support groups have moved to an outdoor, in-person format when weather permits. We are following Covid-19 guidelines requiring masks and social-distancing. We will provide hand sanitizer.

Visit our support groups page for more information on joining our groups.

October is LGBTQ History Month!

blown-glass pumpkin
All Month (while supplies last)

Glass Pumpkins

Donate $50 or more to CoastPride during October and receive a complimentary glass pumpkin or gourd. If you want to donate but opt of of this gift, please put it in the payment notes.
All Month

Celebrate and Learn

Visit Half Moon Bay City Hall to see our LGBTQ HIstory display.
October 1st and 15th | 3:30–5 pm

LGBTQ Youth Support Groups

Click on the link for details about participation and registration.
October 10th

Equity Policy and Regulations

Governing Board of CUSD considers Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Regulation.
October 11th

National Coming Out Day!

This marks the 32nd anniversary of National Coming Out Day, when we celebrate coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. Click the link to celebrate with HRC!.

October 21st | 6–8 pm

Parent/Caregiver Support Groups

Click on the link for details about participation and registration.
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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos celebrating LGBTQ History Month.

Other Videos of Interest | Brews and Views

Janna Barkin, author of He’s Always Been My Son, spoke about raising a transgender son, and Sean McPhetrige of the Cabrillo Unified School District spoke in part about how CoastPride is helping the district with LGBTQ policy.

cusd  history month celebration with banner

Official Proclamations

The Half Moon Bay City Council and the Cabrillo Unified School District have adopted proclamations designating October LGBTQ History Month.

city of hmb and cusd logos with pride colors

collage of famous LGBTQ individuals
photo collage:

LGBTQ Programming

LGBT History Month official website
Each day in October, a new icon is celebrated with videos, bios, and other resources

Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network
Celebrates by providing curriculum, podcasts, books, research and shares personal stories of trans students of color

Human Rights Campaign
Celebrates the rich histories, cultures, and contributions of LGBTQ Latinx people (represents the identities of non-binary, gender non-conforming and gender-expansive people; see also

National Black Justice Coalition and the Ubuntu Biography Project
celebrate LGBTQ/SGL (same-gender-loving) people of color/African descent

collage of LGBTQ books

LGBTQ Reading

Rainbow Book List
Released each year by the Rainbow Book List Committee of the Rainbow Round Table of the American Library Association

22 Inspiring LGBTQIA+ Books
These fiction and nonfiction books will inspire your students to reflect on important themes related to tolerance, acceptance, and self-discovery.

Banned-Book List
Released each year by the Office of Information of the American Library Association. A quick look at the top 10 reveals 8 relate to LGBTQ+ and the other 2 are Handmaid’s Tale and the Harry Potter series.

Welcoming Schools
Provides list of elementary school age books to support LGBTQ inclusivity

Latinx Teens Share 12 Must-Reads
LGBTQ Latinx members of GLSEN’s National Student Council compiled a list of books, ranging from children’s books to autobiographies, that shed light on LGBTQ Latinx identities

collage of famous LGBTQ individuals

National Coming-Out Day/Día Nacional para Salir del Clóset | Living Authentically as LGBTQ…

…Asians and Pacific Islanders
Coming out is a lifelong process that can require a different approach because of cultural norms or traditions that emphasize duty to family and community.

…Latinx and the Latinx Religious Community
The coming-out process requires cutting across multiple languages, cultures, nationalities, religious identities and family generations. En Español.

…African-Americans and the African-American Religious Community
The church has traditionally informed and guided the day-to-day lives of many African Americans, and some have been unwelcoming to people of different sexual orientation or gender identity.

Free teletherapy sessions

Outlet, a program of Adolescent Counseling Services, is offering six free teletherapy sessions to help LGBTQ youth cope with non-crisis issues, including those related to Covid-19.

Youth ages 10–25 with access to wifi qualify. If you are interested, please contact Clinical Director Sarah Burdge, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

free teletherapy sessions flyer

CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County solely dedicated to helping those affected by intimate partner abuse. From counseling, to emergency housing, to legal assistance, our services are designed to provide safety, support, and healing.

24-hour hotline | 800.300.1080

community overcoming relationship abuse logo
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December 6th, 2020
CoastPride’s Virtual Fundraiser
6–7 pm

Live-streaming with local performances and auction

We are grateful that we can pivot from our planned dinner event to this virtual one. Even though we aren’t able to meet in person, our sense of community and commitment to the LGBTQ+ citizens of the coast is as strong as ever, and we know our community is looking for ways to connect, and support, one another through these unprecedented times. Watch this space!

Our funding

100% of donations go to funding our support groups, speakers series, school support, and other CoastPride projects benefiting LGBTQ+ youth, families, and adults on the coastside.

“OMG. LOOK at what you have created! This just brought tears to my eyes. From zero to this in no time. WOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is outstanding to have this resource and haven in our community. Love and hugs to you for making this happen.”
Julie Shenkman
Owner, Sam’s Chowder House

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